Project Hope
  • Project Hope, established in the early 1990's, a project known by almost everyone in China and most Chinese overseas, has received donations totaling over US$200 million. The fund has supported over 2 million Chinese primary school dropouts to return to school and has built over 7,000 hope schools in China.
  • China Project Hope made its first public appearance in North America through a NACEF sponsored fund raising event: The Project Hope Fund Raising, in California in 1998. The event gained support and participation from Chinese student associations in 33 universities. To date, NACEF has raised funds that enabled the establishment of multiple brand new hope schools for more than 2,000 children in rural China who would not have had the chance for education, otherwise.


NACEF is engaging English Teacher interns from diverse ethnic backgrounds in promoting respect and understanding between people of different cultures. By placing interns as a English Teacher in Elementary/High Schools in China, NACEF aims to offer our English Teacher interns better opportunities in dealing with future challenges through international experience and a chance to DISCOVER CHINA!  NACEF Interns will get an in-depth view of the amazing history, culture, and society of this ancient civilization.


In today's multicultural, interconnected world, change comes very fast.  The only way to keep up and to compete globally is to have global experience.  As a NACEF International intern, you will teach English in China and have an opportunity to discover, in-depth, the history, culture, and society of China’s amazing ancient civilization. The experiences from teaching abroad will be something you will continue to benefit from for years down the road.

  • You will get a chance to learn and experience the China financial market, which has become more appealing with increasing attention from the world after China’s winning the bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games. One day you might set up your own business and do international trade with Chinese companies.  That is when your experience or contacts in China may come into play to put you ahead of the game.
  • If you are planning on or are going to pursue a professional career in education, even in the broadest sense of the word --- in and out of the classroom and across a life span, we assure you this is an outstanding chance for you to advance and enrich your experience in educational practice, research, and at least one of the following fields:

* Art, Music and Dance Education
* Instructional Technology and Practice
* Curriculum
* Elementary/ Childhood Education
* Cognitive Studies in Education
* Educational psychology
* Comparative and International Education
* International Educational Development
* School Administration and Planning

  • You will get a perfect environment to learn and improve your Chinese.  We offer Chinese courses lectured by experienced Chinese Language teacher to our interns. Since international trade between China and other countries is undergoing a rapid increase, and it will continue to do so, individuals who are skillful both in their mother language and Chinese will have an advantage over others for positions in companies and organizations doing international business with China.
Additional advantages this program offers are opportunities to take courses, lectured by experienced faculty, specialists, scholars and professionals from universities and organizations. These courses may be taken for credits and/or relevant certificates.
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