2005 NACEF starts offering English Teaching Program in China to help students there learning

2003 NACEF launched America-China Student Exchange program to help the students’
communication between both countries.

2002, Aug. NACEF president Mike Mao attended Hubei Youth Developmental Foundation's
ceremony for two Hope School donation of RMB 400,000 yen.

2002, Aug. NACEF president Mike Mao visit HengChong Village, YiDu County, Hubei province
for open ceremony, The Hengchong Hope School, with donation of RMB 200,000 yen.

2001, Sep. NACEF program director Robert Denning and Steven Denning are visiting Hope
school site in Shawan Village, Donggou Town, Liangzhihu District of Ezhou City, Hubei
Province and donate to build Hope project school.

2000, Jan. NACEF donated $1,100,000 worth of textbooks to Tong-Ji Medical University for
their teaching and research purpose

1999, Oct. NACEF sent the third batch of $10,000 to the China. It is for the sponsorship of 200
children in China’s poor areas.

1999, Apr. NACEF organized a Project Picture Exhibit in four major US cities: San Francisco,
Boston, New York and Los Angeles. A delegation of four, including the famous photographer
Xie Hailong and the famous Document Writer Huang Chuanhi, was invited from China. Reality
of poverish and the power of arts touched hundreds of people. We received many support from
local major companies all over the United States. Also, NACEF became the focus of all major
newspaper, TV stations and radio stations.

1999, Mar. NACEF received Nonprofit status.

1998, Oct. NACEF sent the second batch of $8,600 to the China. It is for the sponsorship of 172
children in China’s flood areas. NACEF sent the donor information regarding the children they
have supported.

1998, Jun. NACEF sent the first batch of $4,360 to the China Youth Development Foundation in

1998, Jun. Sixteen students from Stanford and Berkeley attended the seventh annual
Committee of 100 conference in Santa Clara. Project Hope was announced and promoted
during the conference, and many famous Chinese signed to support Project Hope.

1998, Apr. Established North American Chinese Educational Foundation (NACEF) in the Silicon
Valley. This is a milestone of the Hope Project.

1998, Mar. Publicized NACEF in both North America and China. The event was covered by the
major media like World Journal, Xingtao Daily, Overseas Chinese Daily, and SF Chinese Radio
in the US and Canada and the People’s Daily and Xinghua News Agency of China. News about
the event is also sent through the powerful internet to Chinese networks all over the world.

1998, Jan. Received first donation of NACEF from Stanford Professor Steve Chu, the winner
of 1997 Nobel Prize for Physics. Believing that education is the way to shape a community, he
made the donation shortly after hearing of the event in early January. Professor Chu also urged
more people to join the efforts to help these poor Chinese children.

1998, Jan. Launched China Project Hope-Fund raising in North America ‘98 by the Association
of Chinese Students and Scholars at Stanford. Formed the steering team of North American
Chinese Educational Foundation (NACEF).
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